Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Hike

Christmas Day 2010 - I woke up to sunshine which is a welcome respite to the week of low clouds and snowy weather. Today I get to try out my Christmas present - new snow shoes! I have never snowshoed before, so I decide to take a short hike up to the ridgeline behind my house. The temp is in the low 30's, so layering up against the cold seemed like a good idea. So after putting on a full set of "snugglies", I add jeans, turtleneck, fleece pullover and a fleece vest in addition to my new winter gloves. I sat out on the back step and fitted the snowshoes over my winter boots. Clumsily took a few steps on the snow-covered deck and exclaimed this will be interesting. So off I head, the trailhead is between my and my neighbors house. A deer had been in the yard earlier this morning, so I followed its' tracks down to the trailhead.

Wow, walking in snowshoes takes a little getting used too. Do I walk with one foot in front of the other, side by side like a bow-legged cowboy or what?After a few steps, things seem to come together naturally. So I headed up, stopping every now and then to catch my breath and marveling at the beauty of the mountains and snow. I am loving it! The sunshine, fresh air, cool temps, snow and breathtaking views! As I continue up to the ridgeline and look out over the canyon, all I could think was "look at all those trails I can now explore!" and "man, I am hot!" Not HOT, but hot -- so one layer and the gloves get peeled off!

As I reached the top, I look over to the East towards Morgan, UT. The Morgan Valley is beautiful, glistening in snow. As I take a deep breath, I can hear the train coming though the canyon. What a great way to spend a Christmas afternoon, enjoying the beauty of God's creation!

After a few minutes of reflection, I begin the decent down. Going up is easier than down in snowshoes! I was glad that I had hiking poles with me. Yet, I soon figured out to just let the snow shoes do what they do best and took my time. Loving every moment, with a smile across my face, I think "why hadn't I got snowshoes earlier!"

So after an invigorating snowshoe hike, what better to enjoy than a cold beer. Perfect end to a perfect adventure.

Hope you enjoyed my little adventure in My Mountain Green.


Kathiesbirds said...

Kathryn, first of all, cute feet! Second, gorgeous mountains. I love the shot of the trail with your footprints. Makes me want to follow it! Can't wait to see your next post! Nice to be able to check on you now!

Oh, one more thing: when will I see some birds on this blog! ;-)

KatNell said...

Thanks, Kathie. Now that year-end and major tax filings are done maybe I can get another post done soon. Hope to have a few birds on here, limited by my camera though. Stay warm.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! I'm so a good way. You are making me want to invest in some snow shoes for next winter. We only got two good snows all winter this year...hopefully next year will be better.

You're comment "I'm so hot!...not hot!" cracked me up. hehe!

And the last photo made me smile. Mmm! Refreshing cold beer after the best Christmas Day hike ever!