Monday, September 30, 2013

Frozen Fun!

Last week's cold front brought in cold temps, rain and snow.  
Just a dusting on the peaks near my house.

On Saturday morning, the sun shone brightly with blue skies disguising the fact that the temperature was freezing cold!  I volunteered to help out with some of my book club friends to man a water station for the 2013 Huntsville Marathon - The Full Monte.  Our station was Water Station #1, about 3 miles from the start.  This location placed us near milepost 40 on UT Hwy 39 at the top of Monte Cristo area almost to the summit.  

Do not let the blinding sunshine and the smiling faces fool you  --  we were freezing our "you know whats" off.   

That's me on the lower left, wearing 6 layers and warm gloves!  It was only 26F! I am a wimp! I am definitely not ready for winter yet!  

After the house cooling down in the 50s F, we finally gave in and turned on the central heat (instead of using the fireplace to temporarily heat us up) yesterday afternoon.  Low and behold, southwest winds began to blow late yesterday and continues today as well. It was warmer last night when I went to bed than it has been for the past 5 days.  I am finally thawed out! 

Check out the marathon link to see more information, a route map and elevation profile as well as a video of the route. 

Thanks for stopping by My Mountain Green.  Welcome to Fall in the Wasatch Front!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cool Blast!

After a summer of record-breaking heat of over
 20 days of 100+ F degrees for the Salt Lake Valley, 
Old Man Winter has decided to send a quick reminder
he is on the way soon. 

A cold front has passed through the area this morning, bringing rain and snow for the next 2 days.  While there should not be any accumulation
 at my house located 5200' in the Wasatch Front mountains,
 there is snow forecasted above 7000' elevation.  

Maybe I will be able to post a snow-dusted photo of My Mountain Green soon, 
but hopefully Mr. Fall will decide to run 
Old Man Winter out of town for another month or so.  

Thanks to all my friends for the well wishes, condolences and prayers these past few months.  Appreciate ya!