Monday, September 30, 2013

Frozen Fun!

Last week's cold front brought in cold temps, rain and snow.  
Just a dusting on the peaks near my house.

On Saturday morning, the sun shone brightly with blue skies disguising the fact that the temperature was freezing cold!  I volunteered to help out with some of my book club friends to man a water station for the 2013 Huntsville Marathon - The Full Monte.  Our station was Water Station #1, about 3 miles from the start.  This location placed us near milepost 40 on UT Hwy 39 at the top of Monte Cristo area almost to the summit.  

Do not let the blinding sunshine and the smiling faces fool you  --  we were freezing our "you know whats" off.   

That's me on the lower left, wearing 6 layers and warm gloves!  It was only 26F! I am a wimp! I am definitely not ready for winter yet!  

After the house cooling down in the 50s F, we finally gave in and turned on the central heat (instead of using the fireplace to temporarily heat us up) yesterday afternoon.  Low and behold, southwest winds began to blow late yesterday and continues today as well. It was warmer last night when I went to bed than it has been for the past 5 days.  I am finally thawed out! 

Check out the marathon link to see more information, a route map and elevation profile as well as a video of the route. 

Thanks for stopping by My Mountain Green.  Welcome to Fall in the Wasatch Front!


grammie g said...

Hi Kathryn...Well that was nice of you of you to go up to that elevation, and freeze you tush of : )) Looks like a fun group though!!
I bet you had no problem keeping the water cold!!

Your mountains shot's are just gorgeous !!
Glad your getting a spell of warmer weather!!


Roy Norris said...

26F, ouch!, that is not good Kathryn.
You don't want to know that it was 70F here yesterday then, no probably not.
That said, I have been seeing some October looking sky over the last few days that have that special look about them.
Well done for braving the cold to help other people.
I bet the 'Portaloos' came in useful.{:))
Your post is a good early reminder of what we have to come. Thanks (I think){:))

Kathryn said...

Grace, glad to have warm weather coming back for sure! At least for a couple of days before another cold front comes. Took me forever to warm up too.

Roy, I had a great time helping out. Portaloos (portapotties) are called Honey Buckets here in Utah. :-). Enjoy your Fall temps.

Kathie Brown said...

Kathryn, the mountains look so gorgeous with their autumn colors sprinkled with snow! It is pretty but I don't envy that cold! I had on 3 layers earlier today when a cold front moved through down here in AZ!

DeniseinVA said...

Fantastic scenery and a great group photo! Good on you and your group for volunteering. As cold as it was I am sure it was a fun day.