Tuesday, May 6, 2014

When Life Gets In The Way

Wow, as I sit down to write, I realize it has been three months since my last post. I guess that is what happens when life gets in the way.  With that said, I will have to continue with the hiatus for a while...

After 16+ years of living in My Mountain Green, we are selling the house and most of our "stuff". It amazes me how much we accumulate over the years. De-cluttering, cleaning, sorting, painting and staging is consuming my time.  Hopefully by Memorial Day, the house will officially be on the market.  

Anyone want to buy a house in beautiful Northern Utah?

Where are we going, you ask?  Good question...live the life of gypsies could best describe it...a little time here, a little time there...enjoying life wherever God leads us!

Bittersweet day, today...sold my Mustang GT convertible.

So sometime this Summer, I hope to start posting about our new adventure.  Now if only I can think of a new blog name!

Thanks for visiting My Mountain Green!