Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Beautiful Sight

Last Monday, I met my friends at Earl's Lodge at Snowbasin Ski Resort for lunch before heading out to work off those calories by snowshoeing Maples Loop.  As we basked in the sun on the dining patio in mid 30┬║ F temperatures, the sun was providing the show.  

It is a sun halo!  Halos are the sun shining through ice crystals in the air.  I had never seen on before!  Stunning sight!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

What? It Can't Be!

It's still very much Winter in My Mountain Green.  So, much to my surprise, this is what I see out my window on this snowy and grey morning! 

Mr. Squirrel makes his "Spring" debut a little early.   "Just great!", I thought to myself. You see, squirrels are not my favorite pests animals in the yard.
Yes, they are cute, but they eat my bird feeders out of house and home.  I really don't want to take all my feeders down since Winter is still so cold.  So for now, I will take down the feeder you can see as well as another one that is easy for the "pig" to climb upon to eat his fill.  

Hopefully he will soon move on to another neighbors house! One of my friends said that it was time to get out my slingshot.  My comment..."more like my .22"!  (Hey, what else would a Texas girl say?!)

Please note: no animals were harmed in this My Mountain Green post. Yet.  ;-)

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Finally Got It!

Glancing out the front windows, something different catches my eye, "What is that?", I ask myself. (Yes, I said it out loud.) So I grab my bins which are always sitting on the window sill and try my best to keep up with this zippy little bird!

This tiny bird's first appearance at the suet feeder was in late December.  After many, many failed attempts to catch this fast-flickering, never stay in one spot, little thing, I finally got a shot (albeit not the best or focused clearly).  Now I have proof!

What is it you ask?  A Ruby-crowned Kinglet!  A new Yard Bird for My Mountain Green.

He is so small compared to the other birds nearby.

Patiently waits his turn with a House Finch (above) and a Black-capped Chickadee (below).

Sometimes he hovers like a hummingbird to feed from the bottom of the feeder if another finch is feeding above.  Persistent little thing for sure!

Hope you enjoy this tiny visitor to My Mountain Green as much as I!