Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Quickly Things Change....

How quickly things change in a week!  Fall is almost over here in Northern Utah.  Before I left for my 8 day trip to visit my friend, Kathie Brown of in Andover, MA, 
brilliant reds and oranges covered the landscape with the aspens just starting to turn.  Now as I look down from my bedroom balcony, of all the aspen trees in my yard, this is the only one that still in somewhat full color yet past peak.

Looking uphill from my balcony, as you can see in the picture below,  most of the oaks have shed their leaves this past week.  

Now I can look forward to several days of raking leaves and preparing the yard for winter.  

Right now, the temperature ranges from the low 20s F to mid 50s F, still great weather for hiking
 in the beautiful My Mountain Green.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado - Dream Lake/Glacier Gorge Hike

In August,  my husband and I spent a few days near Estes Park, Colorado at our friends' place in the mountains to rest, relax and "wine".  On a beautiful Saturday morning, Rocky Mountain National Park beckoned me with a 6+ mile hike.  My starting point was Bear Lake, elevation 9475 ft., 
 hiking up to Lake Haiyaha, elevation 11,220 ft., for my lunch stop, 
then back down over into Glacier Gorge, elevation 9240 ft. 

Imagine yourself hiking along with me on this amazingly gorgeous trek.

Bear Lake: 9475 ft. elevation
Dream Lake looking up to Hallet Peak.
 Nymph Lake:  9700+/-  ft. elevation

Nymph Lake

Nymph Lake looking up to Hallet Peak.

Lookout above Nymph Lake looking North/Northeast back towards Deer Mountain.

Lookout about Nymph Lake looking Southeast towards Storm Peak and Long Peak.
Dream Lake: 9900+/-  ft. elevation

Dream Lake looking up to Hallet Peak.

Dream Lake looking up to Hallet Peak.

Along the trail beyond Dream Lake: 
Snow, remember it is August.

Looking towards Storm Peak and Long Peak.
Lake Haiyaha:  11,220 ft. elevation
After a little bouldering you see this pristine lake!  A perfect place to sit on the rocks, soak in the sun, and peer into the water at the rainbow trout!  A great lunch spot!

Looking up at Otis Peak on the left.  

Along the trail in Glacier Gorge area:

Cliff and rocks along the trail.

Overlooking small pond towards Hallet Peak.

Looking back along the trail.  You can pick out the trail just to the left of the forward-most pine.

Looking up between Storm Peak and Long Peak.
Glacier Gorge Alberta Falls:  9400 ft. elevation

Alberta Falls

Just a short .8 mile distance, reaching the Glacier Gorge trailhead, 9420 ft. elevation, ends a wonderful day in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Thanks for joining me on My Mountain Green adventure!

Monday, October 10, 2011

TEXAS Peaches and Tractors

On my last day in East Texas, I burst out laughing 
when I drive by this:
I have got to explore this a little more!  
Turns out it is Efurd Orchards produce stand where just a few days before my nephew, sister and I stopped in for
 very yummy homemade peach ice cream! 
 I did not even notice the grounds then.  

My Ford Mustang parked in the shade behind the pine tree with "Peaches" sign.
What could a Texas girl want more than 
peaches and tractors?! 
LOL.  Enjoy.

Besides tractors, there is a vintage Ford firetruck!

During peach season, you must stop by Efurds, 
south of Pittsburg, Texas for delicious juicy peaches and home-made ice cream!  Sweet!

Thanks for coming along with My Mountain Green 
Texas road trip!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

TEXAS Surfside Beach

To escape the sweltering heat, my sister and I head down to the Texas coast for a few days.  Overcast skies and a few sprinkles are a welcome sight even though it is still very hot & muggy when we load up the Mustang.  We decide to take the scenic way to Surfside Beach, Texas about 30 miles south/west of Galveston.  We make a bee-line straight down to the coast near Beaumont and drive along the seashore.

The area is still recovering from Hurricane Ike.   Some new construction, but mostly vacant lots.

Not long we reach the ferry to Galveston...

Yes, it is a little windy....

Surfside Beach is a community with little amentities, a few restaurants, souvenir/surf shops, and convenience stores, not like the crowded touristy boardwalk of Galveston with big box stores, chain restaurants and large hotels.  Surfside Beach has many vacation homes/rentals and a couple of small motels, but our motel is the newest and the only motel on the beach....

Ahhh...Just what we, laughter and relaxation.  

Still more of My Mountain Green adventures in East Texas to come....

Happy 28th Anniversary to my husband.  I love you.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

TEXAS - Panhandle and Northeast Texas Scenes

In July, I hop into my Ford Mustang, taking 2 days to drive 22 hours to Texas to visit family and friends for a couple of weeks.   Ironically, I drive through Utah, Colorado and New Mexico without seeing a State Highway Patrol; yet, a few minutes into Texas and this is the first sighting of many.....

I thought my radar detector was going to burn out this day! Watch out when you get near Memphis, Texas !!!!

Below are scenes of North Texas in the Panhandle.

This sign is at a rest area.  It is wise to heed its advise.

Northeast Texas (East Texas) is the area I was born and raised.  This year's drought is very severe like I have never seen!  While the pastures grasses are dried up and extremely crunchy, it is still very beautiful with some gently rolling hills and trees.  Here are some scenes near my family farm in Omaha, Texas.

The Texas Wine industry is beginning to strive.  Wineries are popping up around the area so I had to stop and try a little vino!

Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards has an excellent restaurant, great music on the weekends, lovely facilities and a variety of wines.  Check them out if you are ever in the area of Pittsburg, Texas.

My Mountain Green adventures go to the Texas coast in the next post.