Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Quickly Things Change....

How quickly things change in a week!  Fall is almost over here in Northern Utah.  Before I left for my 8 day trip to visit my friend, Kathie Brown of in Andover, MA, 
brilliant reds and oranges covered the landscape with the aspens just starting to turn.  Now as I look down from my bedroom balcony, of all the aspen trees in my yard, this is the only one that still in somewhat full color yet past peak.

Looking uphill from my balcony, as you can see in the picture below,  most of the oaks have shed their leaves this past week.  

Now I can look forward to several days of raking leaves and preparing the yard for winter.  

Right now, the temperature ranges from the low 20s F to mid 50s F, still great weather for hiking
 in the beautiful My Mountain Green.


Roy said...

Its suddenly happening here now Kathryn as well.

KatNell said...

Autumn did not stay around this year. Just like we went from Winter to Summer with little or no Spring, the same is happening. Summer to Winter. Oh well, at least, I will be able to go snowshoeing soon!