Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blue Sky

Nothing like a little warmer weather, blue skies and white clouds to chase away the "Sprinter" blues.  Trees are budding, daffodils & tulips blooming, and birds returning.  To my delight,  I added 3 "First of the Year" (FOTY) birds to my yard list yesterday.  Black-chinned hummingbirds, Lazuli Buntings and Green-tailed Towhees made an appearance!  These species are Spring and Summer birds in My Mountain Green, all indications that warmer weather is near.  

Still tons of snow on the mountains, snowpack is 217% of normal, so a slow warm up is needed to avoid 
major flooding downstream.  This photo was taken May 2, 2011. Mountain Green is at the base of this mountain.  


Anonymous said...

I love your header image. Keep up the good work.


grammie g said...

Hi Kathryn...Wow ..if I only saw the snow on the mountain I would think poor you, but all sounds like your heading in the right direction... fingers crossed lol that the snow on the mountain doesn't melt to fast!!
It is beautiful just the same!!

grammie g said...

PS Your header is just gorgeous!!

Roy said...

Well Kathryn its about time things warmed up for you.{:)
The snow looks great from a distance.

KatNell said...

Greenwicche, thanks for stopping by and the kind encouragement.

Grammie g, yes it is beautiful.

Roy, about time is right!

Kathiesbirds said...

Oh my goodness, Kathryn, keep your canoe close by! You may have to float out of there if all that snow melts at once!

KatNell said...

Kathie, it has been chilly and rainy since Sunday. Forecasting 75 degrees by Friday! The snow level has creeped up, but still lots of snow up there! Having more bird species showing up in my yard - had an Orange-crowned warbler yesterday. Today i am catching up on my Ebird.

Kathiesbirds said...

Good job with the eBirding! I just entered 3 lists for my mother's yard today. I saw my first white-crowned sparrow on the east coast in her yard!