Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunshine and Blooms!

"Unsettled" is the best word
 to describe the weather on the Wasatch Back these last few weeks.  
Yet a few days of glorious sunshine have
 driven away the rain and gloomy skies! 

The landscape sports a new coat of green as leaves unfurl in growth. 

View from balcony looking SW towards the backside of Frances Peak.

Here are some of the signs of Spring from my yard in My Mountain Green.

Gambel Oak (Quercus gambelii) 

Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides)

Choke Cherry (Prunus virginiana)

Hawthorn (Crataegus phaenopyrum)

Mule Ears (Wyethia amplixicaulis)

Shortstyle Bluebells (Mertensia brevistyla)

As the sun continues to shine and the warmth of Summer begins, I look forward to more blooming wildflowers.   Hope you have enjoyed this small glimpse into My Mountain Green.


Roy said...

Yes enjoyed that Kathryn, beautiful scenery as well. Hope to see some more flowers soon.

KatNell said...

Roy, glad you popped in. I am heading to Canada for a couple of weeks for motorcycle trip, I hope the wildflowers are still blooming when I get back.

NIna, thanks for your Facebook post.

Kathiesbirds said...

Wow, look at you going all botanical on me! Great shots. Glad to see the snow has melted and the sun is shining on you!

KatNell said...

Kathie, I am glad too! I get better botanical photos than bird photos with my camera. Maybe one of these days I will get a better one.