Friday, September 30, 2011

Waterton Lakes NP to the backside of Glacier NP

As Steve and I begin our trip home, we find ourselves in southern Alberta heading back to the United States.  We decide to stop by Waterton Lakes National Park on our way out of Canada.  Waterton Lakes NP sits on Canadian border just north of Glacier National Park in the United States. Check out their website for more recreation info:

Known as “where the mountains meet the prairie”.  

It was late in the afternoon when we arrive, starving for lunch! We found a sunny patio to enjoy a couple of burgers, fries and iced tea while taking in the view of the lake.  
Just a short walk to the shoreline for this view:

Waterton is the home The Prince of Wales Hotel offering upscale accommodations with stunning lake views.
The Prince of Wales Hotel 

On the road again and as we pass through the US border checkpoint, we find ourselves in Montana, just east of Glacier National Park.  
Looking at the East side of Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park
Chief Joseph Mountain ahead.
Chief Joseph Mountain

Chief Joseph Mountain

As we pass through the mountains, we meander down into the high plains near Great Falls, Montana, where we stop for the night.  Now we are only a day away from home. 

Thanks for coming along on 
My Mountain Green adventure to Canada.  


Kathiesbirds said...

Kathryn, what gorgeous pictures! what amazing places you have been!

Roy said...

More amazing scenery Kathryn.

KatNell said...

Kathie, thanks. Canada is amazing. The Rocky Mountains on steroids!

Roy, it is breath-taking at times. Thanks.

Isaac Coomber said...

This is really amazing place for traveling. Waterton national park Canada is a national park located in southwest corner of Alberta, Canada. The place is accomplished with absolute scenery, wildlife, forest and fauna.