Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes!

It seems I am on a theme with my post titles!  Whether it is year to year or day to day, I do have to laugh at the extremes of my experiences of living in My Mountain Green.  With a sense of humor and a little warmer weather to thaw out part of the ground, I set out the gifts I received from my husband for Christmas.  A flock of Pink Flamingos!  

Yesterday, I shot this photo (2 of the 8 flamingos now in various places of my yard):

This morning, this is how things look:

Seeing snow on my pink flamingos makes me smile and say to myself "just keep thinking tropical"!   Who knows what tomorrow will bring!


Roy said...

They are just great Kathryn.
Do they eat much.???. {:)

Kathryn said...

Roy, fortunately they are low maintenance! ;-D

Kathiesbirds said...

Let's live in the mountains in Utah so, I'm betting on more snow! Hopefully tomorrow will bring you some more birds also! Oh, and real ones this time, LOL! I see you have been eBirding! I checked the Wyoming eBird stats and hardly anyone eBirds in that state! Most of the counties have zero species recorded and zero counts!

I hope you and your pink flamingos thaw out soon!

Kathryn said...

I betting on more snow too....our snow deficit is so great already that even if we got way above normal amounts through April it would not make it to the normal snowfall amounts.

the cuby poet said...

Your blog is full of humour....I love this! see you again soon. signed up as a follower.

Kathryn said...

Cuby Poet, thanks for stopping by my blog. I try to have a sense of humor!