Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who's Looking at Who?!

Last week on one of the blogs I follow, Roy at The Fenlandwalker Countyside Blog, featured an owl sighting which not only made me laugh out loud, but also reminded me of a moose adventure that occurred in my yard a few years ago.   I dubbed the experience "who's looking at who?!"

In early April a few years ago, this young bull moose, about 2 years old and just under 6 feet tall, decides to check out what was going on INSIDE my house.   Now my house lot is cut into the hillside and the backyard is long and narrow with 20 foot rock wall, but that did not stop him from being curious.  

He walks onto the patio, looks over his shoulder then takes another step forward.  He looks directly at me.  

Murphy, the Sheltie, with excitement, looks back and forth between me and moose, yet Murphy does not bark.  I don't think Murphy knows what to do, he's never had an encounter like Shannon survived with the cow and calf that are featured in the side bar and header pictures.  

After a few seconds, the bull moose takes a couple more steps forward and peers in the window!  His nose is barely away from the window screen!

Nose to nose with Murphy!  

I feel like we were the ones in the "fish bowl"!  A staring contest between the moose and Murphy continues for a few more minutes before the moose decides that we were not coming out to play after all. He walks away stopping at the corner of the house to see what was going on in the driveway.

The moose hangs around the property another day or so before moving on. Below the moose is grazing on the scrub oak trees just above the rock wall in the back yard.  

There is never a dull moment in My Mountain Green!


Elizabeth said...

What an experience! Sadly the most exciting thing in my Sugarhouse, SLC neighborhood is a kestral. I heard that they've had moose wander into parking lots near the Marmalade district before, though.

Roy said...

Thats a brilliant story Kathryn.
He was just checking out the neighbours. I mean, you like to know if they are the respectable types. You don't want just anybody living next door, do you.!! {:)))

Kathie Brown said...

Kathryn, what a fun and happy memory for you!

Kathryn said...

Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by. We have quite a few moose in the area up here, I guess Sugarhouse is too centrally located to get them in your neighborhood. You just need to move a little closer to the benches!

Roy, LOL, you got that right!

Kathie, yes a great memory of Murphy. Shannon missed the whole experience, she was sleeping as usual and since she had pretty much gone deaf by that time, she had no clue something exciting was going on. She started losing her hearing right after she took a glancing blow from the cow moose a year earlier.