Saturday, August 11, 2012

Simple Beauty....

Or Exquisite Beauty... the cactus blossoms are so stunning as compared to the very prickly nature of the cactus. 

Life sometimes reflects the same.  
While the everyday details of life and summer travel are keeping me extremely busy as well as distracted, the simple beauty of nature reminds me to slow down and enjoy the glory of creation. 

Thanks for stopping by My Mountain Green.


grammie g said...

Hi Kathryn..thanks for the comment on my post!!
Nice to see your has been a while!!
Cactus plants are marvelous in bloom..such a delicate flower on a plant that delivers a nasty bite...I had the tip of one of those thorns in my finger for some time..not a good feeling : {!
Great comparison...and lovely photos!! : }

Kathie Brown said...

A good thing to remember!

Roy said...

Its very difficult to do that sometimes though Kathryn, slow down that is.
Beautiful flowers and so delicate.

Kathryn said...

Grace and Roy, thanks. Trying to slow down a little, but Kathie Brown is not letting that happen right now as I am in MA to help her move back to AZ. Road trip next week!

Desert Dweller said...

Those cacti make me jealous - they are pristine, right to the bloom appearance or health.

Kathryn said...

Thanks, David. I do enjoy it when it blooms. This past week, I drove across Texas, NM into Tucson, AZ . I thought about your blog posts about native planting.