Friday, November 16, 2012

It Can't Be...Already!

As I look at my last blog post, I realize that some time has past. Plus the fact that yesterday, my friend, Kathie of Kathie' s Birds, pointed out to me Summer was over whether I liked it or not,  blooming cactus and leafy trees just did not cut it anymore!  It can't be.....I am not ready!  

Time has flown by for me, the seasons have changed too soon as well!  Fall was absolutely stunning, yet short and sweet.

Even a couple of visitors loved the aspens in my yard....

Winter decided he wants to display his full glory this year by showing up early.  Several significant snowfalls have blanketed the landscape already. 

Front Porch

Back yard patio & deck
Balcony view

Have a seat!
The Big Green Egg 

So stop on by for a bbq and a glass of wine on the patio!

To celebrate my birthday, my sweet husband gave me a  Canon PowerShot ELPH110HS.  So I hope to have better photos in future posts.  

It's time for me to embrace Winter and enjoy the beauty of My Mountain Green in its "white" palate.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Elizabeth said...

Oh man you had some gorgeous colors! The colors at Solitude this year were really lacking.

I love the yellow tree among the snow. Walking back from the symphony in the snow storm last weekend, there was a yellow tree covered in snow and it looked so pretty with the street light illuminating the snow.

Kathie Brown said...

Yeah! Finally! You did a great job of writing and formatting this post! Now you just need to get rid of this word verification stuff!

Kathie Brown said...

P.S. It looks pretty cold there. I think its time for you to come and visit me again! ;-)

grammie g said...

HI Kathryn...Ya about time,..what have you been up to!!
My goodness the color in the first two are stunning,beautiful sight!!
Like your moose visit,but snow ouch!
The shot with the snow,and yellow leaves is super pretty!!
All that snow on the patio..hmmm well by the time I get there you could have the snow all cleaned up, bbq for warmth a few glasses of wine,and we won't even care about the snow!! ; ) haha!!
Happy late Birthday...nice gift!!!!

Kathryn said...

Elizabeth, the colors were stunning this year near Snowbasin, much more so than I have ever seen in the last 15 years. Last weekend's snow was quite a storm!

Kathie, yes thanks for the kick. I did not know verification was is now off. It actually warmed up into the 40's today.

Grace, you are right, after a few glasses of wine, we won't care! Come on by for a visit anytime!

Roy said...

Wow! all fabulous images Kathryn.
Thats a superb little camera you have, no excuses now for not posting a lot of lovely snow scenes.
Whats it like now you have hit 30.??

Kathryn said...

Roy, thanks for making me laugh. Oh to be in my 30s again....maybe not, I kinda like where I am now.