Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lendonwood Gardens in the Fall

As I explore a "new to me" part of the county, Lendonwood Gardens is a botanical garden and local birding hotspot located in Grove, Oklahoma in the northeast corner of the state.  Beautiful any time of the year, I am sure, and I hope to experience more often in the future, early Fall finds this little picturesque park a quiet respite in complete solitude.  I spent a couple of hours here one afternoon and only saw one other person the whole time.  Enjoy the solitude with me….

American Beauty Berry

Toad Lillys

Toad Lilly

Towering Oaks

While an eBird hotspot, I did not see many birds this day, but I did see Blue Jays, Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, Carolina Chickadees, Northern Cardinals, and Tufted Titmouses.  Looking forward to birding here again this year.

Thanks for stopping by My Mountain Green even though you got a small glimpse of Northeast Oklahoma.

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Kathie Brown said...

How did I miss this? I was travelling of course! It looks wonderful! Perhaps one day I can visit it with you!