Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Winter vs. Spring

Winter, Spring, Winter, Spring, Winter.....well, make up your mind already!

Last week's warmer temperatures and few days of sunshine brought signs of new life. Spring is trying to win the battle of the seasons, but Old Man Winter snuck in one last upper cut with wind and snow last night. Come on Spring!

My Mountain Green is starting its spring thaw, yet winter still has a firm grip.


Roy said...

I hope it warms up soon for you Kathryn.
I better not mention it was 18 Celsius which is 64 F here today had I. No probably not.{:)

KatNell said...

Roy, thanks for rubbing it in! and the warm wishes, too. I am heading to Florida for few days next week to 80+ F, so I can thaw out then and hopefully when I get back to the mountains, it will be warmer here and Spring in full swing.

grammie g said...

We had snow yesterday to..don't feel bad, but I know for sure we have turned the corner and heading to better weather !!
Love your photo..it is amazing how hardy some flowers can be!!
As for Roy's comment don't may him no mind he loves to give people a hard time!! lol

Kathiesbirds said...

Katnell, the same here. Crocus blossomed over the weekend, then we had the return of snow! We've been having gentle flurries all day. I think its time for another fire in the fireplace!