Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Few Signs of Spring

As Old Man Winter still lingers on, my yard birds are ready for Spring.  After being out the country for six weeks, it has taken about a week for the birds to rediscover or return to my seed and suet feeders.  However, light snow and cold temps have not kept the birds from shedding their winter clothing.  Here are just a few examples from the photos taken this morning:
American Goldfinch sporting Summer plumage.

Cassin's Finch with his bright red crown!

Evening Grosbeaks are glowing with their new GREEN bills.
Contrasting bill colors.  (This photo taken on January 13, 2013.)
A few more days of cold weather are expected before warming up to the 60Fs this weekend.  I am looking forward to Spring in My Mountain Green.

Thanks for stopping by.  


Roy Norris said...

Some beautiful coloured birds Kathryn. No doubt they complained about you being away for so long.(:))

grammie g said...

HI Kathryn...Well I guess your not sipping coffee on the deck these days are you ; )
I have friends in Fort Collin Colorado they got 4 inches yesterday and it was snowing this morning!
We have no snow at all "Yeah"!
Love the Cassin Finch that is one I don't get to see,and the Grosbeaks is ready for spring!! He is thinking green to : ) they all look nice,in there spring feathers!!
Hopefully it will be your Mountain GREEN real soon!!!!

Kathie Brown said...

Kathryn, I envy you your birds, but not your snow and cold! Welcome back!

Chris Rohrer said...

I'm loving the Evening Grosbeaks. They are such beautiful birds but so are the other birds presented in your post. Hope you have a fun weekend planned.